• Sagano Romantic Train
  • 四季
  • 攝影家清水氏作品

The Sagano Romantic train travels a leisurely, 25-minute route from Saga torokko station to Kameoka torokko Station, following the scenic beauty of the Hozukyo Ravine on its route.Cherry blossoms in spring, lush greens in summer,Japanese maple in fall, and perhaps a dusting of snow in winter - all four seasons are delightful.Saga torokko station, which sees the train's first departures, is adjacent to JR Saga-Arashiyama Station and can be reached from Kyoto Station in about 15 minutes via the Sagano Line.Saga torokko station houses a convenient rent-a-cycle service, as well as Diorama Kyoto Japan - one of the country's largest collections of model trains, featuring painstakingly recreated miniature versions of Kyoto's historical sites and neighborhood scenes.


Sagano Romantic Train(Aerial images)
5 minutes long


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